Man.U Services


José Manuel Umaña Ortiz

Manager and owner of the business

Susanne Desteffani Umaña Ortiz

Secretary and bookkeeper of the business

Here is my and our story:

José Manuel Umaña O (called Manuel, for those who are closest to him and whom they trust: “Manu” (first and last name abbreviated)), Colombian and Swiss nationality since 2012. His father was originally a farmer and coffee farmer.

Born and raised in Colombia, I was fed up with the corruption, violence and insecurity that reigned and still reign in my country. I left Colombia with my family in 1999, leaving all my privileged life behind: owner of a beautiful house, a farm, and a shop (a clothing store). I was an active member of Lions Club International, an honorary firefighter, and a member of the parents’ association of the school my children attended.

After complicated experiences and adventures in Europe, first in Spain and then in Switzerland, I got divorced from my Colombian wife. I was alone in these two countries for 5 years as a paperless person and started my life from scratch. I did not want to have an asylum seeker status and to become a parasite for Switzerland.

I met my future and current wife in 2005 and we got married in 2006. Our first daughter was born in the same year and the second in 2009. In 2006, when my situation was settled, I found a job and took the position as a caretaker at the Montessori International School in Neuchâtel. Almost at the same time my wife and I founded my own moving and cleaning company: “Man.U Services”. Manuel Umaña, Colombian, and Susanne Desteffani, Swiss-German, a combination of trust. Man.U Services was probably the first small business of its kind to offer credit card payments to customers on site. The registration in the commercial register took place immediately and in 2012 the company name changed to “Man.U Services Sàrl”. We got our transport license in 2015.

With the help of my wife Susanne, who takes care of the secretariat and bookkeeping, we have already served hundreds of customers professionally and with full care, be it with moving, cleaning apartments or houses or maintaining medical practices, etc. Almost without exception very satisfied customers who recommend us to their family and friends.

We have recently started offering the rental of commercial vehicles. The vehicles are very clean and well-maintained. In addition, they are always checked after each rental. The interior is fully furnished and equipped with the necessary accessories to be able to carry out small removals carefree. Since 2018, Man.U Services Sàrl has also been the first moving company to offer its commitments only via the Internet (without visiting the customer beforehand to make an offer). This has become even more important since 2020 due to the hygienic situation, to avoid unnecessary contact and to protect the health of our customers and our own.

Man.U Services

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